7 Best WordPress Themes For Your WordPress Website

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astra best wordpress themes

Make sure your website loads fast and shows information in a way that makes sense to readers which will be achievable with Best WordPress Themes.

The good news is, there are many Best WordPress Themes that can do exactly that.

Top Best WordPress Themes

Best WordPress Themes come in different styles for your website, whether it’s a blog, online store, portfolio, or business site. You can make your content look nice and get people interested in your brand. And the best part is, you can design everything the way you want without having to write any code.

I’ve created a guide to the top Best WordPress Themes available right now to help you begin.

Astra Review — The Best for Beginners

astra best wordpress themes

We all have to start somewhere, and that’s true for choosing Best WordPress Themes too. The best place to begin is with Astra.

Astra is our top choice for beginners using WordPress because it has cool customization choices, lots of useful features, and a bunch of free add-ons you can use.

Remember when I talked about making sure a theme works well with page builders? Astra is excellent in that regard. You can easily use popular page builder plugins like Elementor and Beaver Builder with it.

Adding to its appeal, Astra provides a speedy experience, loading exceptionally fast. And that’s not all – it’s super easy to customize, with pre-built options for blogs, portfolios, and online shops.

Some other cool features of the Astra theme include:

  • Dedicated sidebar
  • Ready for WooCommerce
  • Mega-menu
  • Mobile headers
  • Fluid layout
  • Control over spacing
  • Custom fonts
  • Infinite loading

When it comes to cost, you can get Astra for free, which gives you a basic theme to get started. For some people, that might be all they need.

But, there’s also a pro version of Astra available, offering extra settings and options. If you want a lot of customization and new layouts, the pro version is a good choice, and you can get it for $47.

Jayla Review — The Best for Online Shops

jayla best wordpress themes

The Jayla theme offers a simple and modern approach to the online shopping world, making it easy for you to set up a store and sell your products.

Built around the popular WooCommerce plugin, Jayla provides access to a bunch of useful features.

What’s great about Jayla is that it includes multi-block builders to help you quickly create your site, and you can choose from nearly endless colors for your layout.

One of the coolest things is the variety of shops you can create with this theme. Whether you’re selling furniture, tech gadgets, or anything in between, Jayla is handy for a wide range of online stores.

Here are some other standout features of the Jayla theme:

  • One-click install demo
  • Lifetime support
  • Builder for headers and footers
  • Drag and drop page builder
  • WooCommerce product filter
  • Works well with Yoast SEO
  • WooCommerce product wishlist
  • Supports over 800 Google fonts

In terms of pricing, Jayla comes at a reasonable cost of $59 for the regular license, which is plenty to kickstart your online store.

The regular license not only covers the initial purchase but also includes future updates at no extra charge. Additionally, you get six months of support to address any bugs or other issues with your site.

If you’re looking for extended support, you can stretch it to 12 months for an additional $17.63. You can get Jayla here.

Tusant Review — The Best for Podcast Creators

tusant best wordpress themes

Tusant by Second Line is a top-notch theme designed especially for podcast creators, musicians, voice-over actors, and those into music streaming.

Unlike some themes that focus only on flashy designs, Tusant is practical. It allows you to easily embed audio and video from various sources. For instance, podcast creators can effortlessly embed an entire ongoing series, and musicians can showcase their latest work. The developers claim Tusant can display an unlimited number of entries.

Tusant supports essential podcasting plugins like PowerPress, Seriously Simple Podcasting, and PodLove. It even lets you host MP3 files locally, ensuring nothing gets in the way of your creativity.

Here are some additional features of Tusant:

  • Supports over 900 Google fonts
  • One-click theme install
  • Dedicated support
  • Responsive mobile design
  • WordPress built-in customizer
  • Full documentation for each section
  • Translation ready
  • Includes support for page builders

Now, let’s talk pricing. There are three options from the Tusant creators:

  1. Single Podcast Theme: $69 for one Second Line Podcast WordPress theme of your choice + 12 months of updates and support
  2. Podcast Theme Bundle: $139 for access to all Second Line’s Podcast Best WordPress Themes + 12 months of updates and support
  3. Lifetime access: $389 for unlimited lifetime access to all Second Line’s Podcast Best WordPress Themes + lifetime updates and support

Second Line offers a total of five different podcast Best WordPress Themes. Tusant provides multiple layouts, attractive displays for playlists, and compatibility with over 20 podcast hosting providers. If you’re a podcaster, Tusant is a solid choice. You can buy it here.

Sydney Review — The Best for Freelancers

sydney best wordpress themes

Whether you’re a freelance marketer, editor, or content writer, having an impressive theme to showcase your work and details is crucial.

Enter Sydney – a powerful and feature-rich theme perfect for freelancers, whether you’re just starting out or looking to refresh your online presence.

Sydney offers a vast selection of over 600 Google fonts, and it includes a full-screen slider to make a strong first impression on potential clients.

What’s particularly cool are the custom Elementor blocks. They allow you to design things exactly how you want, helping you focus on getting your branding just right.

Here are some more features of the Sydney theme:

  • Slider or static image header
  • Translation ready
  • Social buttons
  • Cross-browser support
  • Regular updates
  • Live customizer
  • Parallax backgrounds
  • Color controls

Sydney has a free version that gives you access to many essential features.

However, if you want to take things to the next level, the pro license is only $69 per year or $169 for a lifetime license. With the upgrade, you get extra page options, templates, WooCommerce support, video headers, and more.

There’s also an option to pay $389 for a lifetime license that includes all of the company’s podcast Best WordPress Themes.

This is a solid choice for most freelancers and small businesses.

Foodie Pro Review — The Best for Food Bloggers

foodie pro best wordpress themes

Foodie Pro is an excellent WordPress theme designed for sharing new recipes and cooking tips with your online audience. It has a minimalist and clean look but offers a wealth of features and specific design choices, making it a great choice for food bloggers.

Built on the secure and search-engine-optimized Genesis Framework, Foodie Pro provides almost limitless color and typography options. You can quickly upload your brand’s logo, and a set of pre-built templates can speed up the launch process.

Here are some additional features of Foodie Pro:

  • Customizable header
  • Mobile responsive
  • Widget areas
  • Recipe index
  • Compatibility with popular plugins
  • Child theme based on the Genesis Framework
  • WordPress customizer
  • Lightweight design

While there is no free version of Foodie Pro, you can purchase the theme and the complete framework package for $129.95, which seems like a fair offer considering its capabilities.

For those who are big fans of the Genesis Framework and want more, there’s the Genesis Pro option. It includes additional support and access to every future theme released by the company. Genesis Pro is priced at $360 per year and is a good choice for those with ambitious plans.

Zakra Review — The Best for SEO

zakra best wordpress themes

Zakra isn’t just a catchy name – it’s a stylish WordPress theme that can boost your brand’s visibility on Google.

Optimized for major search engines, Zakra loads quickly and supports nearly all essential SEO plugins. One standout feature is the 50 pre-built demos that cover various scenarios and can be easily set up with a one-click demo importer. This allows for quick customization to fit your preferences, making it an excellent choice for those with limited time.

Zakra offers:

  • Lightweight design
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Responsive design for multiple devices
  • Compatibility with key page builders
  • Translation-ready theme
  • Support for right-to-left text direction languages
  • Dynamic, customizable areas
  • Menu styling options

While Zakra is free, some features are locked. Once you’re satisfied with the theme, you can upgrade to one of the premium packages, all of which include Zakra Pro extras. Here are the lifetime access prices for the premium packages:

  1. Personal: $159 for a 1-site license
  2. Personal Plus: $209 for 3 site licenses, 30+ premium starter demos, and Elementor companion
  3. Professional: $422 for 10 site licenses, 30+ premium starter demos, and Elementor companion
  4. Developer: $454 for unlimited site licenses, 30+ premium starter demos, Elementor companion, and future plugins

You can also opt for an annual fee. The Personal Plus package with a lifetime subscription is likely a great choice for most users.

Travel Way Review — The Best for Travel Bloggers

Travel Way Pro best wordpress themes

Travel Way is an excellent WordPress theme designed for travel bloggers, photographers, travel agencies, and portfolios. It’s crafted to showcase the genuine beauty of various locations and comes packed with features tailored for the modern traveler.

The free version of Travel Way is highly flexible and customizable. You can set up galleries, booking forms, services, and portfolios, offering a wide range of possibilities. Moreover, it’s compatible with major browsers, responsive, and allows unlimited pages for each section of your site.

Key features of Travel Way include:

  • Call-to-action buttons
  • Multiple sections
  • Handy social icons
  • Featured sections
  • Over nine custom widgets
  • Testimonials
  • Tour packages
  • Custom sidebar areas
  • Full layout controls
  • Page builder compatibility
  • Extensive slider options

For those seeking more advanced features, the pro version of Travel Way is available at $55 for personal use and $99 for developers. The upgrade provides access to advanced custom widgets, multiple options for comment sections, additional menu and logo positions, and more. If you’re committed to the theme, upgrading to the pro version is a worthwhile investment for enhanced functionality.

What I Looked at to Find the Best WordPress Themes

Choosing a WordPress theme for your brand can indeed be overwhelming with the plethora of options available. To simplify the decision-making process, consider the broader perspective:

Free vs. Paid WordPress Themes:

  • Free Themes: While they offer value, especially for initial testing, they often lack ongoing support for specific issues. Seeking support might involve reaching out to the original creator directly, which can be less than ideal. Additionally, using free themes might lead to a lack of originality, as these themes are commonly used across multiple websites.
  • Paid Themes: Generally, paid themes are a more reliable choice for brands. They typically come with regular updates, dedicated support, increased customization options, and higher-quality code.

WordPress.org vs. WordPress.com:

  • WordPress.org (Self-hosted WordPress): This is often recommended for businesses due to greater control, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility in terms of themes, availability, and customization.
  • WordPress.com (Hosted WordPress): While self-hosted WordPress is generally preferred, some top brands also use hosted WordPress with impressive themes. The choice depends on specific needs.

Key Considerations:

  • Ongoing Support: Ensure that the chosen theme provides ongoing support for troubleshooting and updates.
  • Customization: Evaluate the level of customization offered by the theme to match your brand’s unique requirements.
  • Code Quality: Opt for themes with higher-quality code to ensure a smooth and efficient website.

In times of uncertainty, choosing WordPress.org (self-hosted) is a standard recommendation for businesses due to its greater control and cost-effectiveness. However, hosted WordPress (WordPress.com) can also be suitable for some brands. Carefully consider your specific needs, and explore both free and paid themes to find the best fit for your brand. If in doubt, opting for WordPress.org is generally a safe choice.

Theme Functionality

Contemplating functionality is a crucial aspect when considering a WordPress theme. It involves assessing the necessary features for your website to effectively conduct business.

Do you require social media icons that direct users to your brand’s accounts? Are features like a comment section or forum essential for user interaction? Additionally, for e-commerce purposes, is a shop functionality necessary?

In essence, a thoughtful evaluation of the features needed for your website is paramount.

The good news is that WordPress plugins offer the flexibility to incorporate various functionalities as needed. However, it is advisable to delve into the inherent functionality of a theme you find appealing.

For instance, certain themes may be coded in a way that complicates the addition of a forum.

Before finalizing your decision on a theme, ensure you have conducted thorough research. Verify that the theme aligns with your core business needs and can seamlessly support the features you require. This proactive approach ensures that the chosen theme not only suits your preferences but also facilitates the smooth operation of your website.

Site Responsiveness

Ensuring your new theme looks appealing on all screen sizes is crucial.

It’s imperative that the experience for a mobile reader mirrors that of a desktop user. Therefore, a good WordPress theme should adapt seamlessly to various screen sizes. It’s noteworthy that Google mandates mobile responsiveness for websites, impacting their rankings significantly.

Given the continuous rise in mobile traffic, having a responsive WordPress theme is indispensable. While most themes incorporate this feature by default, it’s essential to verify its presence, as not all themes may offer mobile responsiveness out of the box.

Page Builders

A quality page builder enables you to effortlessly create pages through a drag-and-drop interface.

While many Best WordPress Themes include built-in page builders, not all do. Some themes may utilize a custom page builder that could potentially slow down a website with unnecessary code.

Ideally, you’d want a WordPress theme that is optimized to seamlessly integrate with the best page builders, especially if you have a preferred choice.

It can be disappointing to discover that a WordPress theme, which seems to have everything you need, is incompatible with your preferred builder. Alternatively, purchasing a theme with a proprietary builder that turns out to be less than satisfactory can be frustrating, especially after the purchase has been made. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure compatibility with your preferred page builder before finalizing your decision.

Browser Support

While a theme may load smoothly and appear beautiful on your browser, it’s crucial to consider how it performs on your customers’ browsers. Not all themes work seamlessly on every browser, so thorough testing is advisable.

Although you can usually check a theme’s browser compatibility in its details on WordPress, developers might not always provide this information. In such cases, it’s prudent to conduct your own testing.

The process involves downloading popular browsers, loading your site with the new theme, and assessing its functionality. This simple step can reveal any issues that may arise on specific browsers. It’s not uncommon to encounter problems on certain browsers that don’t occur on others. Addressing these potential issues early on is a wise practice, as browser compatibility is an often overlooked but critical aspect of website development.


There’s an abundance of visually Best WordPress Themes, and the list provided offers just a glimpse into the platform’s versatility. However, certain themes are better suited for specific purposes.

Here are some top picks tailored to excel in their respective areas:

  • Astra — The best for beginners
  • Jayla — The best for online shops
  • Tusant — The best for podcast creators
  • Sydney — The best for freelancers
  • Foodie Pro — The best for food bloggers
  • Zakra — The best for SEO
  • Travel Way — The best for travel bloggers

Whether you’re a freelancer, travel blogger, podcaster, or aspiring online shop owner, WordPress offers themes perfectly tailored to your needs.

The best part is the versatility of these themes, allowing you to accomplish a myriad of tasks with a single theme. So, dive in and get started; the possibilities are virtually limitless.

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